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Ravensdaughter's Ramblings

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I live in Buffalo, NY, and am owned by two cats. I enjoy historical, science- and fantasy fiction; roleplaying games; and anime and manga (I have a particular weakness for shoujo). I like to write, and am trying to get back into it again.

Some of my User Pics were made with Portrait Illustration Maker.

If you want one of my User Pictures for your own journal, please do not take any of the ones that say, "Please don't take this pic," in the comments.

National Novel Writing Month 2006 WinnerNational Novel Writing Month 2007 Winner

Save the Net

Love has no gender.

Bisexuality is Real.

The WeatherPixie

Where else can you find me?
  • thegamemistress: This is an LJ where I talk about my geekier interests, including the role-playing games I play in and moderate (or "gamemistress", hence the name).
  • writersgrove: This is where I post pieces I've written or am in the process of writing. I also use it for NaNoWriMo.
  • midoriskitties: A journal showcasing pictures of my two cats, Ari and Kerrigan.
  • You can find me on Twitter at http://twitter.com/midorisama

Phoenix Ikki is love
Phoenix Ikki is love.

Phoenix Ikki & Andromeda Shun are brotherly love
Phoenix Ikki and Andromeda Shun are brotherly love.

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