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Black Unicorn Wood update

I am very relieved that the rest of the cons I am vending at for 2014 are all within commuting distance. Not that I don't enjoy traveling, but I'm quite done with it for this year.


*blows off the dust*

I've been preparing for RyuKon (Buffalo, NY) this weekend, Matsuricon (Columbus, OH) next month, and Midoricon (near Toledo, OH) and Queen City Conquest (Buffalo, NY) in September.

I've also discovered a new medium in the form of epoxy resin. I think my technique has improved since I started this - I now have some salable pieces. I've also found a group of like-minded individuals on FB with whom I can share my work and ask questions about it.

C and I are getting ready to attend Otakon (Baltimore, MD) next month. I also have a panel on the schedule for the very first time!

Both the two- and four-legged members of the household are doing well, too.
Dr. H. is leaving the vet practice next month.

I feel like we're losing a friend. :(


Saying goodbye

This past Sunday, March 9, my father lost his battle with lymphoma.

I am sad to have lost him, of course, but also relieved that he is no longer struggling with the disease. I also think he was happy to have gone at home, in his own bedroom, instead of in hospital.

The folks at hospice have been wonderful through all this; they were very compassionate and took great care of him. Thank you to the members of the team - Barbara, Adela, Michelle and Derek. You helped all of us very much.

A side note - Sunday would have been my paternal grandmother's 100th birthday.

On a personal level, in a sort of roundabout way, my father was the inspiration for my small business. He introduced me to Star Trek (the original series, natch) when I was small, took me and my sister to our first viewings of a number of science fiction films (I still remember him asking us "Do you want to go to the past or the future?" on one summer afternoon - it turned out he would have taken us to see either Raiders of the Lost Ark or the then-current Trek movie. We chose Raiders, btw), and took us to our very first convention (a one-day event in Niagara Falls, NY). Now, years later, here I am selling at sci-fi and anime conventions. Thanks, Dad. :)

"I will not say goodbye. Instead, I'll say Sayonara. For sayonara doesn't mean goodbye; it means we'll meet again, sometime, somewhere." -my father.


I made the papers!

Back in November, I was vending at a con called Astronomicon.

A few days ago, I found this article on the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle's site.

Text of the article for non-subscribersCollapse )

"Canned food is yummy!"

After more than a year of just wanting kibble, Kerrigan has decided she likes canned food again. This is a good thing, because Dr. H wants her to have it more often.

C and I are theorizing that they may have changed the formulation of the liquid calcitriol; we were mixing that into her food when she decided she didn't like the "gooshyfood." Now that she gets her calcitriol as a treat, she apparently enjoys the "unadulterated" canned food.

We've been supplementing her dry with a heaping teaspoon of canned, and she's been happily chowing down on it. Yesterday, she didn't want to eat much dry, but devoured the canned in record time.



I got accepted to Matsuricon's Artist Alley!

New line

On the advice of lostsatyr, I've begun using some of the myriad "cute kitty" pictures I've taken over the years, paired with witty captions, on buttons.

So I have a new line, and people get to look at cute pictures of my cats. What's not to like? :)

"I *love* snuggling in between Mom & Dad!"

It's been cold here lately, especially at night.

Yuriko likes to sleep with me and C; lately, she's been sleeping at the foot of the bed, snuggled in between the two of us - I assume for both warmth and security.

If I'm reading in bed, she climbs up onto my chest - "Pay attention to me, Mom - not the book!" - and head-butts me until I pet her.


15 seconds of fame, ahoy!

So, I was vending at Astronomicon 12 this past weekend, and on Sunday morning, a lady from the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle stopped by to cover the con and talked to a number of people there.

This was the result.

You can see my buttons ("Would you like to know more?") at the beginning, and I appear in my "booth outfit" at around 00.13. I think you can see some of my display behind me, too.


Portrait with cat

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