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Of my & Ari's joint birthday

I had another good birthday this year (despite it being cold and miserable on Sunday, the day itself).

Saturday, lostsatyr and I went to UB SARPA Open Gaming to have our usual game with tarbis, ambrose_rinaldo, and im_a_woman. I had brought "Red's Ultimate M & M Cookies" pan cookies to celebrate my birthday, but was pleasantly surprised to find that ambrose_rinaldo had baked me a birthday cake!

We paused during the game to have cake and cookie bars, and afterwards lostsatyr and I went to Jack Astor's with ambrose_rinaldo & im_a_woman. All of us enjoyed the very tasty pan bread with butter & garlic, as well as the entrees. I will note that everyone brought home leftovers - that pan bread was just too good, I guess (possibly combined with the cake & pan cookies).

On Sunday, lostsatyr and I did some shopping earlier in the day. I got myself a unicorn in a sort of fairy-princess costume (it's pink with butterfly wings) at the "Design a Dolly" store at the Eastern Hills Mall (she needs a name...I'm leaning toward Arafel, after the elf-queen in The Tree of Swords & Jewels by CJ Cherryh). Both lostsatyr and I also picked up sandals (since my old pair have been rubbing blisters on my feet).

Since the 21st is also Ari's birthday, we stopped at Petsmart and got him a set of Purr Pads as a present. He seems to like them, and they'll keep the new furniture from getting covered with cat hair.

After we got back from shopping, it was time to go over to my parents' for my birthday dinner - sour meat, dumplings, steamed asparagus, and ice cream cake for dessert! Yummy!

Dinner was made even more fun by a call from bonusparts, who wished me a happy birthday.

  • Gift certificate to Amazon.com from Mom & Dad H
  • Batman Beyond Season 1 and Howl's Moving Castle DVDs and Onimusha 3 soundtrack from lostsatyr
  • Gatchaman Volume 5 and The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe DVDs from bonusparts - thanks so very much! :)
  • Hand lotion from Mom H.
  • Ginger candy from my Aunt Sue
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