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Unexpected find

On the way to the library to return the books I borrowed a few weeks ago, I spotted some furniture someone had pulled out to the curb, including a gently-used but still serviceable and attractive armchair.

On the way back from the library, it was still there. So, I dragged it most of the way to our house, but stopped about a block or so away since lostsatyr would be coming home soon (and I could get his help to load it into the car).

I made it home just a little while before lostsatyr did, and informed him that I had found a chair and needed his help to collect it. One short car trip and a bit of work hauling it into the house, and we had a new armchair to replace the old rocking chair we found on one of our last trips to pick up stuff from our old apartment when we moved into this house years ago (and which has been dying in the interim).

I've currently got my decorative throw tapestry with the raven design laid over the chair - I like it because this shows off the throw quite well - and the cats are getting acquainted with it. As I type this, Ari is settling into the chair (probably for a nap) and Kerrigan is standing on the back of it.

Hooray for *free* new furniture!
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