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Last night

...we met meepeek and kotikokura at Pizzeria Uno.

It was a lot of fun catching up with them - we really need to get together more often. :) And I got to return meepeek's DVD at long last (*blushes*).

Poor meepeek, though - she ordered her steak medium, but when she cut into it, it was practically still mooing. So she sent it back to the kitchen to have it cooked a little more, and they still brought it back red inside. *sighs*

The poor manager was so embarrassed he had the cooks make up another order of the dinner to go and gave us a second dessert on top of the one we had ordered. Both were nice, though we couldn't finish them. ;)

Hopefully they'll be at UB Con this year - or maybe the four of us can arrange for a trip to Fort Erie for Japanese, or to Toronto when the weather's warmer. *makes hopeful puppy-dog eyes*
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