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Last night

...we met meepeek and kotikokura at Pizzeria Uno.

It was a lot of fun catching up with them - we really need to get together more often. :) And I got to return meepeek's DVD at long last (*blushes*).

Poor meepeek, though - she ordered her steak medium, but when she cut into it, it was practically still mooing. So she sent it back to the kitchen to have it cooked a little more, and they still brought it back red inside. *sighs*

The poor manager was so embarrassed he had the cooks make up another order of the dinner to go and gave us a second dessert on top of the one we had ordered. Both were nice, though we couldn't finish them. ;)

Hopefully they'll be at UB Con this year - or maybe the four of us can arrange for a trip to Fort Erie for Japanese, or to Toronto when the weather's warmer. *makes hopeful puppy-dog eyes*



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Mar. 7th, 2006 04:12 am (UTC)
The ~real~ joke here is that after they went to all that trouble, and tried so very, very hard.. the steak they gave me to bring home was well done. Apparently they don't have to cook steaks all that often. Oh well. It was still really good, and I really do appreciate that they were willing to go way overboard to try to make things right. :)

And it was great seeing you guys.
May. 11th, 2006 06:33 pm (UTC)
On behalf of Uno Chicago Grill, I'd like to invite you to come back and give us another try. We would love to show you why Uno's has such a strong reputation for great food and hospitality. Please email us at matt@unos.com to receive a coupon for a free appetizer as our way of saying, "try us again."
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