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The Xmas haul

From the parental units:
  • Studio Ghibli 2006 calendar (all the way from Japan!)
  • Green sweatshirt
  • Holiday towel with a kitty-cat on it
  • Oven mitt
  • Japan Airlines art calendar

From my aunt - Shortbread cookies

From the in-laws:
  • Binoculars (for me & lostsatyr)
  • Gift card to Borders
  • Sky High DVD
  • Numerous volumes of Ayashi no Ceres and Descendants of Darkness manga
  • Three Sujata Massey mysteries
  • The Everything Slow Cooker Cookbook
  • Picture book about Hokusai - pretty!

From bonusparts:
  • An Omaha the Cat Dancer Collection - woot!
  • Gatchaman Box Set volume 2 - yippee!

From the sister-in-law:
  • A very pretty necklace
  • More manga - Ayashi no Ceres and Steel Angel Kurumi

From willowriversong - Better Than Chocolate and Beautiful Thing DVDs (Yes, willowriversong, they *did* get here in time for Xmas! :)

From lostsatyr:
  • More Steel Angel Kurumi, Ayashi no Ceres and Descendents of Darkness manga, plus a volume of Saint Seiya
  • Nene Tina Thomas artbook - Pretty, pretty, pretty!
  • Nene Thomas calendar
  • Nene Thomas bookmarks
  • Egor bucks (gift coins for "Crazy Egor's," our favorite gaming store)
  • Duran Duran CD
  • Puffy Amiyumi CD

I *think* that's everything - if I forgot anything, anyone, I apologize! :)
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