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Post-Halloween wrap-up

There's something sad about running out of candy at 8 pm on Halloween. It's also kind of sad that kids have to come to our neighborhood from the inner city because it isn't safe for them to trick-or-treat where they live. And come they do, by the frelling carload. I watched a minivan pull up on the wrong side of the street last night and disgorge about seven or eight youngsters, followed by a car with about four.

The trick-or-treaters from the city seem to get older and less inclined to put in an effort every year. :( I saw more teens without costumes than kids with them last night. *sighs*

I find myself feeling nostalgic for the days when bonusparts and I went trick-or-treating up and down the street with our friends from the neighborhood. Ah, those were the days, when you didn't need to pack the car full of kids and drive out to a nicer neighborhood just to go trick-or-treating.
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