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Maryland Renn Faire, Day 2

I had a lot of fun at the Faire today, despite getting a late start when I couldn't find my ankle bells (turns out they were under my unicorn backpack).

Got to watch "Tudor Times," a stage show about etiquette and daily life in the 1500s. lostsatyr and I learned how to bow and curtsy (respectively) in 16th century fashion. We also saw a play (The Lost Princess, about a princess who regains her kingdom with the help of a fairy godmother), and Shakespeare's Skum doing "Macbeth in 20 Minutes or Less" (again) and "Oh, That Lear!" (Shakespeare's Skum doing King Lear). Funny all around. :)

I picked up another leather mug (having forgotten the one I got two years ago), a labrys pendant, and a stuffed baby dragon.

Made sandwiches for tomorrow tonight, so we can hopefully get to the Faire early enough to catch the Royal Arrival.

That's about it for tonight....
Tags: maryland renn faire, renaissance festivals, renn faire, vacation
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