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They're just paper and ink -- aren't they?

Sparked by some discussions with my SO and some friends...

I've noticed that a number of people I know have the hots for anime characters. Now, so do I sometimes -- I'd shag Dariun-sama from Arslaan Senki or Toya from Ayashi no Ceres in a stone-cold minute -- if, IF they were real.

See, that's the problem. One of my friends has been complaining that his ex broke up with him 'cos he wasn't like any of the anime characters she liked. "If only you were drawn that way..." or somesuch was what he said she told him. Of course, this is the chick who thought she was Princess Serenity from Bishoujo Senshi SailorMoon, or maybe she just wanted to be Serenity, I forget which. Anyway, she missed out on a relationship with a very nice fellow just because he couldn't measure up to the impossible ideal of a person who doesn't exist in real life.

My SO has remarked more than once that he's upset that Aki in Ayashi no Ceres isn't real (edit on January 26, 2003 -- OK, it was "too bad Aki isn't real," I believe.). Hey, it's OK -- I feel the same way about Toya (and about Priss and Sylvie in Bubblegum Crisis, but that's another story...:-). I know he isn't going to complain that I don't look exactly like Aki, or start trying to call me that, even in private (the same chick mentioned above called my husband and me "Jadeite" and "Mars" in the receiving line at our wedding :-P *sighs* Problem with reality there? Yah, I think so...)

What's the point of this rambling? Well, maybe that sometimes people live in a fantasy world because reality is too painful. OK, I can sort of see that; I was that way in high school. The disturbing thing is, some people can't get out of that fantasy world, and start relating to the real world in terms of the fantasy...like the friend of mine who kept trying to explain real-life happenings in terms of Roger Zelazny's Amber series ("Well, I never noticed that before -- it must have shifted in from another shadow..."). It gets, well, scary to try and relate to people when they're like that, because you don't understand and sometimes what comes out of their mouths is, well, frightening ("My favorite manga author is watching me from the other side of my mirror..."). *shivers*

OK, I'm going to stop writing now, because this is not going well. I'm getting more and more unsettled as I write, so maybe it's time to turn off the computer...


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Jan. 24th, 2003 08:39 am (UTC)
I have to keep this short (need to leave for work in less than 10 min, and I have to put together my purse and do something about my hair.. so this is virtually guaranteed to come out all wrong. Tough I think you know me well enough to decode what I'm trying to say.)

That kind of insanity, if the person being nuts is aware of it, can be less of a coping tool and more of a 'the world is a dull place, and if I pretend to myself that it's this other way, I'll have more fun" kind of thing.

I'm guilty of that constantly. Though I tend to keep all of my weird little comments internal.

And hell, I still have a crush on Wolverine. *laugh* And Vanyel.

Though if you ley it guide your actions without thinking about the 'reality' that everyone else is involved in too, then there's trouble. Playing makebelive should be like a car radio - having it can make the experience of getting from point A to point B more entertaining, but without the car, you're not going to get very far.
Jan. 24th, 2003 02:11 pm (UTC)
Good point - like the car analogy.

Oh and I am NOT upset Aki isn't real. But I wouldn't mind if he was (with less tragic circumstances tho).

Indulging in fantasy tends to be more enjoyable than reality, but yes, you still need to cope with reality. Sometimes having the fantasy helps one cope with the reality tho - not to mention alowing you to do things you'd never get to do in real life...
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