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Vampires, explosions, and yummy cast members

Went out to see Blade: Trinity with lostsatyr this afternoon. 'Twas great fun. Ryan Reynolds (Hannibal King) was TEH HAWTNESS. And Jessica Biel (Abigail Whistler) wasn't bad, either. And then there were all the nifty toys the characters had - makes me want to run a game with vampire hunters, just so I can steal...erm, borrow some of the hardware from the movie.

King had some of the best lines in the film. "Just under the Hello Kitty tattoo..." had me and lostsatyr laughing hysterically. And then there was the, "You made a f*cking vampire Pomeranian?" line. *giggles*

"...[Have] you seen my dog?"
"Did you try the lobby?"
(Jarko Grimwood and Hannibal King, after King sent Grimwood's vampire Pomeranian out an upstairs window)

One of the vampire chicks was a hottie, too. I was kinda sorry to see her get offed at the vampire food bank. And then there was the cute Goth chick....

I think this is another one to go on the, "Want the DVD when it comes out," list. Then I can have fun freeze-framing the shots of Reynolds without his shirt on and Biel in those tight leather pants. Yumminess....

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