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Santa was good to me!

Our Christmas was nice.

Despite having to do some things at the last minute, everything went off pretty well. I got the gingerbread cookies baked and packed up on the 23rd, and we got the tree decorated and finished wrapping the gifts just before my dad picked us up for Xmas eve dinner (our car suffered a mishap going to get the tree - lostsatyr accidentally took out the power steering belt driving over some frozen snow when we came home with the tree.)

I got to see my aunts and uncle at dinner on the 24th, and had a lot of fun catching up with them. My aunt made a really terrific cake, and those delectable peanut butter cup cookies. Yummy! Both lostsatyr and I got nice warm fleece hoodies from my aunt and uncle.

Christmas Day was really busy. First it was over to my parents' for breakfast and exchanging gifts - I got a number of the DVDs I asked for: Mulan, Wonder Woman: The Complete First Season, Spider-Man 2, and the first volume of Magic Knight Rayearth. I also got a very pretty set of dishes (they have the most adorable pictures of cats on them) and some tights and towels from my mom.

After we dropped off our loot and made a quick call to willowriversong to make sure she'd gotten her gifts, it was off to my sister-in-law's for dinner. We got my nephew some Lego sets (which he liked) and some clothes (which his mom liked). He also got a great deal of other stuff - it must be cool to be the only grandchild. :-)

I got a copy of Exile's Valor from my mother-in-law...and three DVDs - Mulan, Wonder Woman: The Complete First Season, and Spider-Man 2. Ooops. Luckily, she kept the receipts (and next year, I'm giving both sets of parents each other's phone numbers, so they can compare notes!).

After dinner, we came home to open our gifts from each other. lostsatyr got me some manga - Othello and Please Save My Earth, a new Champions enemies book, some gift coins to Crazy Egor's (our favorite gaming store), and a teddy bear with glasses. He's very cute.

lostsatyr was most pleased by my gift of the first two volumes of the Knights of the Zodiac manga and an Andromeda Shun action figure. :-)

I also got a number of gifts from my sister - Kurosawa's Dreams on DVD, along with (wait for it...) Mulan and Wonder Woman: The Complete First Season (oops, again!). Along with those, there was a surprise - Gargoyles: The First Season! Woot!

Ari & Kerrigan got some crunchy Pounce treats and a new kitty fishing pole, so they were happy, too.

All in all, a pretty good Xmas.
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