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Ranting about Menstruation

I hate That Time of Month.

It's like I constantly have one nerve left, and everything's getting on it. And then there are the physical symptoms -- backache, cramping, bloating, food cravings, headache...is this TMI yet?

Sterilization or menopause look awfully tempting at this time every month. I can see why they used to call it "The Curse" -- it's certainly not a blessing.

Giving up my fertility sounds like a fair exchange for permanently getting rid of these pains (and not just trading them in for another set, which is what pregnancy would entail...).

So, just pull everything out -- I don't want it anymore. Being female sucks.

I feel ugly and fat and tired and pissy, and I want this to be over with.
Tags: hormones, menstruation, pms
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