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Did the substituting thing today. I swear I can sympathize with Ms. Krabapple (of The Simpsons) -- glorified babysitter, indeed.

Yesterday was better. We hung out with meepeek and her S.O. I don't think I've laughed so much in quite a while. Besides, the people that I can safely live la vida dorka with are few and far between.

<gamer geek>
And it's so nice to find someone who feels the same way about silly Malkavians and silly pooka that I do (namely, that they should be drug out into the street and shot [or staked, in the case of the sillly Malks...]).
</gamer geek>

So after putting in my time as a babysit-- er, substitute teacher, I was coerced into spending some time wandering around Walgreen's with my mother (who picked me up). Now, if it had been my Dad, I might've gotten a snack, but my mom just wanted to look for a new coffee carafe. Ah, well, at least she's thrilled about getting a computer with Japanese Windows 98 on it that works. Now if only I can persuade her that to get it, she should leave my childhood buddies (OK, toys) alone. They're packed up -- it's not like they're bothering anything -- but she's ready to dispose of my precious childhood mementoes -- thanks, NOT!
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