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Vacuum cleaner is fixed. Pine needles clogging the hose. About $45.00 for fixing it; we can go and pick it up.

Dr. Kinerk said Ari & Kerrigan are healthy. They got their vaccinations and checkups yesterday; we talked to the Dr. about Mr. Ari trying to mount Miss Kerrigan. He suggested it might be a dominance thing, and is having us try a diffuser of feline pheromone analogue. Essentially it's an air freshener type of thing that you plug into the wall socket and it emits a synthetic version of happy kitty-cat pheromones. So far, it seems to be working -- there is usually much hissings and growlings when they return from the vet, but they have been much better behaved yesterday and today. Maybe there's something to the "happy spray" as Chris calls it.I'm certainly not complaining.

We go grocery shopping tonight, since last night was so crummy. I need to remember to get chicken so I can make more curry.

Hopefully Chris will be home soon -- I'm hungry (pretzels only cut the empty stomach so much...:).

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