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Santa was good to me!

I had a good haul this year.

I got a copy of the Angel RPG, the Buffy RPG GM screen, and some Egor bucks (gift certificates to Crazy Egor's) from lostsatyr (along with some promises for more things); The Dark Crystal on DVD from my parents, Sailor Moon S, Firefly and Futurama Season 2 DVDs from my sister, and the Indiana Jones Trilogy and The Two Towers Special Edition from my in-laws.

I also got a number of books from my parents (The Japanese Way by Noriko Takada) and my mother-in-law (The Gates of Sleep by Mercedes Lackey and another book on Japan).

It snowed quite a bit yesterday; bonusparts and S helped dig us out of my parents' driveway, for which we were very grateful. I'm also pleased that Wednesday and Pugsley seemed to like our gifts, and that S and the l'il sis were pleased with theirs.

Ari and Kerrigan got a large jar of treats and some toys; Ari actually let Kerrigan play with them, which is good.
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