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So. Frelling. Tried.

Substituted today. Got call at 6:30 am. *bleah*

Kids not so bad this time.

My mom picked me up and I had to listen to her lecture me about how I'm a selfish heathen cause I don't agree with whatever she says about religious matters. Must get her away from those frickin' Japanese Baptists she's always hanging around with -- they give her too many ideas. Maybe she'll decide to burn me at the stake next. *sighs*

I think next time she tells me I'm self-centered I will say, "Remember that car you guys got from my sister-in-law and her husband? Well, guess what -- it could have been *mine*, but I thought of you and Dad."

After I got home I had to clean up the bathroom and do some laundry and dishes. By then, it was time to start dinner.

After dinner was grocery shopping. I'm very glad we don't have to do it more than every two weeks.

Off to check e-mail....
Tags: rants

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