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Got flu shot. Didn't hurt at all.

Trying to download my old free web sites so I can put them on my domain, but Tripod is being poopy today about FTP -- it only gets so far and then times out. *sigh* I guess I'll try tomorrow.

Updated McAfee -- so I guess the computer got a vaccination too. :)

Chris is going to be on a traffic count on Thursday, so I've arranged to eat at my parents'. I'm sure my Dad likes having me, and it's good to talk to him.

Laundry is folded and dishes are done -- yay, me!

Still waiting on orders from Animenation, but we *did* get the 2 DVDs for Steel Angel Kurumi 2. We watched the first 3 episodes last night -- it looks to be just as fun as the original (and has more yuri action, so that's even *more* fun).
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