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It's a gray, rainy day here.

I had a lot of fun at Thanksgiving -- got to catch up on news with my aunts and uncle. Everyone liked my gingerbread cookies -- yay, me!

Am thinking of calling up Mom and asking if I can come over to pick up some turkey, etc.

Don't wanna do vacuuming -- maybe I can get away with not doing it *this once*. After all, there will not be peoples coming over tomorrow. :)

Ari was not pleased that Mommy had reorganized the cupboards under the sink -- "I can't climb on the cookie sheets anymore - this sucks!" :)

Must remember to call doctor's office on Monday to arrange for flu shot. Better safe than sorry. Especially when it seems parents send kids back to school before they're completely recovered...

Off to start laundry.
Tags: holidays
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