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I hate winter. I hate wearing multiple layers, having to wear boots every time I go outside, and shoveling heavy, wet, crappy snow. :-(

I am so sick of cold, snow, wet feet and numb fingers. I want it to be spring so I'm no longer cooped up inside and I don't have to wear boots, which make my feet get hot and sweaty and itchy when I wear them indoors (like when I go to a restaurant). I can't stand washing multiple loads of heavy clothes, especially when the SO wears long-johns, boxers, sweatpants and jeans; all those layers fill up the hamper and washing machine like you wouldn't believe. Yes, I know it keeps him warm, but it's such a pain to wash. :-P

I want to see green grass and flowers again. Everything's covered with white, or that crappy brownish-gray color that snow gets when it gets dirty and slushy. Bleah.

I can't wait to put the snow shovels away for another year...

Just keep telling myself -- it won't be long now, it won't be long now....

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