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Halloween -- the morning after

Halloween was fun. Chris and I went to Uno's in costume. He wore a kilt and his "Real Men Wear Kilts" T-shirt, and I had on a chemise/bodice/skirt combo, my Catskill Mountain mocassin boots with the unicorn on them, and a garland that I got at the Sterling Renaissance Festival in my hair. If we get the pictures we took shrunk down to a sane viewing size, maybe we'll post them.

The trick-or-treaters started coming just after it got dark -- we saw some really little ones out while we were driving home from dinner.

Things were slow for a while, but by 9 we'd pretty much gotten through just about all of the four bags of candy we'd bought for the occasion. We have 1 bag of Rolos left in the fridge downstairs (Chris likes 'em), and a scattering of Reese's goodies and Heath bars left (which *I* like).

I took some cute pics of Hikaru, my stuffed red dragon and Chthulhu (stuffed) sitting on the candy cauldron. I also had some fun with Yorick (the plastic skull) and Bun-bun the Rabbit With Big Pointy Teeth -- I took some pics of them "eating" candy.

Chris and I hung out after the trick-or-treaters left, then pretty much went to bed. All in all, a fun Halloween.

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