Ravensdaughter (ravensdaughter) wrote,

Good luck, little kitty

A few days ago, my parents found a stray kitty cat hanging around their house. My mother called me, and I suggested finding a rescue group or shelter, as she's allergic to cats, but we both felt bad about just leaving him alone outside.

A few days ago, he didn't show up, but he came back last night. My mom had obtained some cat food from a lady on her street who rescues animals; this lady has dogs, and the kitty was afraid of them, so she couldn't take him. My mother and aunt fed him, and my mom called me up, asking what to do, this morning.

We made a few calls, and finally found a shelter that had room for him, so my aunt fed him again this morning and kept him company while my mother and I went to Petsmart to get a cardboard carrier for him (my aunt had suggested a box, but I figured the carrier might be a better idea).

We took him to the shelter, and they said they will try and find a home for him. Hopefully he'll find a nice forever home; he seems like a very nice cat.
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