Ravensdaughter (ravensdaughter) wrote,

There's weirdoes in every hobby

I've started dabbling in jewelry making, so last night lostsatyr and I stopped at the craft store.

I was perusing the jewelry-making aisle when another shopper struck up a conversation with me. She seemed OK at first, so I talked to her a little bit. I've gotten some good tips talking to people in that store before, so I thought this time would be no different.

I was wrong.

When she asked me what the difference between two types of pliers was, and I told her "I don't know, sorry," she responded, "Gee, thanks for your help," in a sarcastic tone, then added, "Kidding." I also saw her take a package of pliers off the display and open it right there in the aisle. *sighs*

Then she noticed the zipper pull on my hoodie (it's a bell like these) and started to examine it, remarking on how pretty it was, where had I gotten it, et cetera. I started to tell her about Neko-jin Designs, who'd made the hoodie, when she said, "Give it to me or I'll rip it off." I was floored. Maybe some of that came out in my expression, because she then added, "Kidding" again. After the "I'll rip it off" comment, though, I was taking no chances. I extricated myself from that aisle, found lostsatyr and stuck with him for the rest of our time in the store.

I guess there are weirdoes in every hobby.... *sigh*
Tags: creepy people

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