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Kerrigan meets Kamen Rider, Part 2

(See here for Part 1)

Grazer that she is, Kerrigan normally takes a while to eat her dinner.

For the past few weeks, lostsatyr and I have been watching Kamen Rider OOO in the evenings. Normally, I pick up K's dinner right before we start watching, give her her calcitriol, and settle down to watch that night's episode. Sometimes Kerrigan will settle into either my or lostsatyr's lap and snooze during that time, though she's likely to abandon the lap if its owner laughs too hard during a funny moment (of which there are a number in KR OOO).

Late last week, lostsatyr started the DVD, and when Kerrigan heard the opening theme, she jumped down off the couch where she'd been napping, trotted over to her dish, and started munching again. lostsatyr said to me later (I'd been in the kitchen when it happened) that perhaps K was thinking, "That music! That's the signal to eat, 'cause it means Mommy will take the bowl away soon!" :)
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