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Maryland Renaissance Festival 2012, Day 1

So, today at the Faire was "see some shows and walk around" day.

We saw the Human Chess Match; this year, it was the "Army vs. Navy," with Captain Jean Cabot playing the Duke of Buckingham for the right to take King Henry VIII's sister, Princess Mary Tudor, to France for her upcoming nuptials to King Louis XII. As always, it was exciting to see the pieces fight for their spaces, and amusing to listen to the color commentary.

We also saw part of A Midsummer Night's Dream - this year, the acting company is doing the three acts of the play at staggered times and locations. We caught Act II, which has much of the amusing interaction between Bottom and Titania; great fun. :)

We finished up by watching a performance concerning the War of the Roses. It was a nice, easily digestible way to acquaint the audience with the history, narrated in part by Margaret of Beaufort and Elizabeth of York. I think that the actresses playing those two ladies did very well playing off one another.

I'd like to catch more of the performances tomorrow; today we got a late start, so we missed the earlier ones. :(

We did catch part of the Pirates Royale prior to the Chess Match; I enjoyed it so much, I picked up their latest CD. :)

It was rainy this afternoon, so that kind of put a damper (pun intended) on seeing more shows. Perhaps, if we're lucky, there will be less rain tomorrow (I can hope).

It was amusing that so many people cleared out when it started raining; as one of the merchants put it, "What a bunch of wusses - it's not like it was a hurricane or anything like that." :)

Tomorrow, more Faire - and hopefully we can get there early enough to see more of the shows!


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