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Wherein we do D.C.

Went into D.C. today for our usual visit to the museums.

After a brief stop at the Castle to find out what was where, we went to the The Art of Videogames exhibit. It was actually pretty cool to see the evolution of videogames from the 1970s to today. They also had some concept art from various games, including Starcraft and Fallout, two favorites of lostsatyr's. I took lots of pics, including ones of the various consoles on display. I found it interesting that the ColecoVision (my & bonusparts's first videogame system) was in the exhibit, along with the more recent consoles that I'd expected to see. lostsatyr was amused that the PS2, the 360 and Wii (all of which we own) are museum pieces now. :)

Then we went to the National Archives, where we spent most of the afternoon. It was very informative, and I admit to feeling a sense of awe as I looked at an original copy of the Magna Carta, and the orginal Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights. It was, like, wow! We also had a chance to take in an exhibit on Ellis and Angel Islands and the immigrants who passed through there, as well as the more permanent exhibits.

After the National Archives, we were going to go have supper, but as we were passing the Museum of Natural History, I saw the banner for the Titanoboa exhibit and remembered that I'd read an article in Smithsonian about it. Luckily, the museum was open late today, so lostsatyr and I were able to see the exhibit. Let me tell you, that was one big snake (45 feet long, to be precise). We have pics of me and lostsatyr posing in front of the life-size model, which shows it swallowing a crocodile - whole. Whew!

After that, it was time to take the Metro to Chinatown for very tasty sushi at Momiji. Yummy!

Tomorrow, Renn Faire!
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