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Has it been a year already?

A year and a day ago, C. and I adopted Yuriko.

It's been an interesting year, but now I can't imagine life without her. :)

She's filled out and gotten cheeky over the past twelve months. She also seems to be very much into enjoying her "second kittenhood" (she'd apparently had a litter of eight kittens before we adopted her).

She's not much into being held anymore, though she does like to sleep with me and C. She has the freedom to go where she will in the house pretty much all day, except for mealtimes (when we have to separate her from Kerrigan lest she eat K's food), and while she and her sempai (I think K would object if I called them "sisters") aren't BFF, they can at least tolerate one another well enough. :)

Happy anniversary, my little squeaky-meowed girl. I love you.
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