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We went to Chinatown in Toronto with two of our friends Sunday (August 17).

It was loads of fun, and I got a number of pretty cool things -- some CDs (Maho Tsukai Tai [English title: Magic Users Club], Escaflowne, and Steel Angel Kurumi), a Sorcerer Hunters wall scroll, and a fan to replace the one I broke at the Maryland Renn Fest last year. I also got a couple of peacock feathers for my cats.

Lyz and Dennis got to have Bubble Tea for pretty much the first time on this trip (the Toronto Chinatown Festival was being held that day, so there were a bunch of sidewalk vendors). Don't know if there have been converts made to the Boba cause or not. ;-)

We spent most of the day in Chinatown, then headed back to Buffalo for dinner and chatted some more. It was great fun, and I want to do it again. ;-)

For another view of this, see this entry in lostsatyr's LJ.

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