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Guess who's Top Cat now?

Kerrigan seems to be taking over the "Number One Kitty" spot since she's been living downstairs. The past few days, she's gone up on the couch with us - something she never did while Ari was around. This afternoon, she even napped next to me while I watched some TV, just the way Ari used to.

She also seems to have a better appetite than when she was upstairs; it used to take forever (and some coaxing) to get her to finish her food, but now she's eating much better. We've been experimenting with lower phosphorus cat foods (as she has some mild renal issues) and she likes Fancy Feast the best (at least so far). Some of the Science Diet flavors are tolerable (though she doesn't like them as much), but she seems to not like the Wellness canned food at all (Yuriko, on the other hand, has yet to meet a cat food she doesn't like).

Yuriko seems to be OK with being upstairs; C and I visit her regularly to play with her so she doesn't feel left out. She loves chasing these little foam rubber balls we got her up and down the hall; we're going to have to get her some new ones, as we keep losing them (though I do sometimes rediscover them later). It's interesting that she's nearly two and still likes balls - both Ari and Kerrigan lost interest in them shortly after their first birthdays, but Yuriko is still, like, "A ball! Yay!" *runs after the ball and bats it around*

Kerrigan seems to be getting a kick out of the Cat Dancer these days; she chases it back and forth in the open space between the couch and the coffee table until she's tired out. This afternoon, she played with it until she just sacked out right there! :)

I love my girls!


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