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Renn Fest fun

Chris and I went to the Ontario Rennaisance Festival (it's just south of Toronto, in Canada) yesterday, and I had a grand time, even if we did get rained on at the end.

We got to see the Tartan Terrors, a rather ribald group of entertainers, musicians and dancers with a -- you guessed it -- Scottish theme. I got an "Official Kilt Inspector" T-shirt to wear when Chris wears his kilt, or his "Real Men wear kilts" T-shirt. Wish they had some of the sheep puppets they'd used in the show -- I'd have paid for one of those too. :-)

I also got to wear my blue leather bodice (check out one of my LJ pics for what it looks like), so that was fun. I have to admit I was tempted by a number of pretty (and pointy) things for sale, but settled for a porcelain kitty figurine (it looks very like my fuzzy babies when they're curled up), a unicorn "magic window art" (read: Shrinky-Dink, but as the lady selling them said, it's not a very medieval name) that I made myself, and some soap that I got to pick out the color and fragrance of -- it's got a cute little fish in it, and it's currently in my bathroom. I also got some peacock feathers for Ari and Kerrigan.

All in all, much fun. I want to go back again next year.
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