Ravensdaughter (ravensdaughter) wrote,

Maryland Renaissance Festival 2011, Day 2

We had a good time at the festival today, despite the thunderstorm near the end.

We got to see Gael in the Harbor. They were very good; I even got some video of them doing "Queen of Argyll" and their version of "Wild Rover" (in which they bark instead of clap; it was very entertaining to hear all of us in the audience barking along too).

I also went to "Meet the Princesses," in which Queen Katherine Parr, the Dowager Queen Marie of Guise, and Lady Mary Tudor, the daughter of the King, explained what being a princess or queen in the 16th century involved. I'm something of a Tudor history buff, but even I was able to learn some new things. :) I didn't know about how they made cochineal dye, for example.

We also went to a presentation about science in the Tudor era, and I got to see an Armillary sphere being used. I'd never seen one before, so it was rather neat when it got passed around and I got to manipulate it. It was fun to make it turn. :)

I admit to having been tempted by a hair comb, but after I found out the price, I was, like, "Not today." It was very pretty, and I was impressed that it could hold *my* hair (which is quite thick and falls past the middle of my back), but nearly $200.00 was out of my budget. *sighs* At least they do mail order, and I got a card, so maybe after I start working again, I'll drop them an e-mail....

I'm a bit sad that today was pretty much it for our vacation. Tomorrow, it's back home to Buffalo.
Tags: maryland renn faire, renaissance festivals, renn faire, vacation
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