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Dr. H gave us the go-ahead to allow Yuriko to explore the house (though she and Kerrigan still aren't allowed to meet just yet), and she seems to be enjoying these opportunities.

So far, she seems to like the window on the upstairs landing a lot, though that's not too surprising - it's one of Kerrigan's favorite hangouts, and was one of Ari's too. :)

She's sitting in the living room watching me as I type this, and I just noticed that she has the cutest pattern of stripes on her chest - it looks like the bottom part of the "neckerchief" part of the collar of a Japanese girl's school uniform (a'la Yukiko Amagi's in Persona 4) to me.

We had some playtime before she went back into her "sanctuary room" (the downstairs bathroom), and I discovered that she loves chasing the crinkle ball around the house. I throw it, and then she chases it; when she catches it, she bats it around on her own and catches it again; it's very entertaining to watch.

There still haven't been any really bad reactions to the "'scent and sound, but no sight' introductions" (well, Kerrigan did hiss at Yuriko's door briefly one time the night before last, but that was it), which is good. Both Yuriko and Kerrigan seem unconcerned with the "scented socks" - they sniff them and then are pretty much like, "OK, whatever." So I'm hoping the actual face to face intros will go smoothly as well. C and I picked up some cat treats for the introductions, because Dr. H (and the books I've read) said that giving kitties treats when we introduce them will help them form pleasant associations with one another.

If they become friends, it'd be wonderful, but I'll be satisfied with peaceful co-existence.


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