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New feline family member

So, yesterday, lostsatyr and I went shopping for kitty supplies, as I've been missing Ari, and Kerrigan seems to have been lonely, too.

We shopped at PetsMart and I couldn't resist looking at a couple of the cats there for adoption. There was one that seemed very pretty, but when I tried to get to know her a little better, she tried to bite my finger. :( It did occur to me afterwards that she might not be the best match for us, especially since Kerrigan is a little on the reticent side.

Since we were close by the SPCA's satellite shelter in the Walden Galleria, we stopped there, too. I was expecting to be told to fill out an application and come back later (as was the case at PetsMart).

When we got there, I started talking to the shelter staff and explained that we were looking for a companion for Kerrigan, who's been lonely since we lost Ari. I told them we were looking for a kitty who was good with other cats, and they told us about a tabby girl there that might fit the bill.

We went into the "getting to know you" room with her, and she took right to us. She sat with us on the bench, and even climbed into lostsatyr's lap and let me hold her. Less than an hour later, we brought her home. :)

We've named her "Yuriko" (Japanese for "lily child") because she has a design on her back that looks like a lily, and we think she may have some Oriental in her. She's just under two, with short hair and a meow I can best describe as "delicate." We took her in to the vet for her first checkup today, and she was a very good girl. Everyone there who saw her also commented on how pretty she is. She also seems to love to be stroked and is playful, but sweet and mellow.

Kerrigan and Yuriko have not yet met face to face, but I think they may have caught a glimpse of one another when I was coming out of Yuriko's room and Kerrigan was downstairs. Dr. H said to keep Yuriko isolated for a week or so (just to avoid any possible spread of contagious illnesses) and then introduce them gradually, so that's what we're going to do. I've been exchanging socks impregnated with each of their scents, though, and so far there haven't been any bad reactions to that, so maybe the introductions will go smoothly. *crosses fingers*

I'm both excited and a little nervous right now, but I guess that's not out of the ordinary. :) Here's hoping everything goes well, though I'll be happy if they just tolerate each other (a'la Ari and Kerrigan).



Aug. 4th, 2011 03:35 am (UTC)
It sounds like things might work out between the cats, which is a good thing. You'll have to post some pictures of the new one at some point. :)


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