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A bored kitty-cat is the Devil's plaything

So I'm making the Lammas loaf (honey-wheat bread, for the confused), and one of my cats decides to investigate the bowl while the milk, brown sugar, honey and yeast is in its first rising.

One tipped-over bowl, table-cleaning and lots of screaming at him later, I'm trying it again -- though this time the rising is going on in the oven. Keeps curious kitty-boys away.

Hopefully I'll have a game tomorrow; one of the players may have a visitor that day. I just hope that if she and her husband can't make it, I find out early enough to let my sole remaining player know the game is cancelled. Two players is doable, but one is like, why bother? ;-)

Off to consider whether or not to make a cake for tomorrow's session...
Tags: ari, cats, rants
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