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Archery is fun!

Those who've been reading for a while may remember my entry about buying a bow at the Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival.

I've been practicing since then, and I am pleased to record here that I'm now getting a nice consistent grouping at both five and ten feet (the latter being as far away as I can get in our basement, where I've been practicing since it got too cold to do it outdoors) away from the target. I know it's not much when you consider that I'd probably be a lot farther away from the target at an actual range, but the Beginner's Guide to Traditional Archery (one of my Xmas presents) advises shooting from five feet away at first. Once you can hit your target regularly, you repeat the process at ten feet away, then twenty, and so on, until you're sixty feet away from the target. Shooting the Stickbow (another Xmas gift) advises shooting for a grouping rather than for pinpoint accuracy at first (it's supposed to make sure you're doing everything consistently).

I've also gotten the hubby interested in archery - he ordered me a new bow as a late Xmas present (I think I'm starting to outgrow the 30-pounder, so I'm upgrading to a 35-pound bow), and ordered one for himself as well. :) So we will have something physical to do together - a good way to maintain good health, I think. :)

And I think I need to make an "archery" icon....:)
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