Ravensdaughter (ravensdaughter) wrote,

Back from Pittsburgh Faire

We had a great time.

We went back on Sunday and saw some more shows - I got some video of the people juggling fire (they were very funny!).

I did eventually end up picking up a (wooden) bow (archery lessons, here I come!). It is a short bow, but I am not that tall, so it works. For those familiar with archery, it's a 31-pound bow, which worked for me (they let me try shooting with it before I bought it). At first, I thought about going with a lighter bow, but since I had no trouble pulling the 31-pound one and they said something in the lower ranges would probably be too weak for me after some lessons, I went with the 31-pounder. Since it was the last day of the festival, they gave me a discount and also threw in a case for half its usual price.

At about four, we had to leave so we could get home at a decent hour. We stopped for dinner closer to Erie, where our Faire outfits created a bit of a stir - I think my ankle bells attracted attention. :)

Then it was home to unload the car and feed the kitties, who were very happy to see us. :)
Tags: pittsburgh renaissance festival, renaissance festivals, renn faire, renn fest

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