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Maryland Renaissance Festival 2010, Day 1

We went to the Renaissance Festival today.

Most of the day was spent shopping and looking at things, though we did take some time to see a show or two ("Six Wives" about the queens of Henry VIII, to name one).

This year's storyline has Henry paying court to Katherine Parr, Lady Latimer. As she's in love with another man (Sir Thomas Seymour), you can see where it gets dicey.

The "Six Wives" show involves Henry's five previous queens giving their impressions about life with His Majesty to Katherine Parr. As I told C, I could recognize some of the costumes on the five previous queens (I'm reasonably sure that the dress worn by Anne Boleyn in that performance was the one worn by Catherine Howard two years ago).

It was also quite amusing to listen to some of the previous queens' impressions about life with Henry. The capper was when Catherine Howard asks at the end, "Who do you think Henry will be married to in Heaven?" and all of them insist that it will be she. :)

C and I both got new books (he got one on Elizabethan costime, I got one on the Grey sisters) and some new Faire outfits (a shirt for him, and a skirt for me). We also got some jewelry - he picked up more ear cuffs, and I found a winged unicorn one.

I also found myself a nice looking French hood. I've been wanting one for a while, so I figured, why not? And it does look nice, if I do say so myself.

I also picked up some echinea honey and creamed honey - the latter is more like frosting than honey, and will be lovely on scones. I was told the echinea honey is good for tea, so I'm looking forward to trying that, too.

I'm hoping to catch the royal arrival tomorrow, as well as more of the shows - this faire is so big, you really need two days if you want to shop and see the shows.
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