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Me & C do DC

We went to the Smithsonian today. It was a lot of fun, and I learned a lot.

Our first stop was the Museum of Natural History (one of my favorites!). We saw the new Sant Ocean Hall, the Hall of Human Origins, and a new exhibit called "Written In Bone," that deals with how forensic anthropologists are learning about a colony in Maryland in the 1600s.

The Hall of Human Origins is very interesting - there's even an exhibit where you can get your photo taken and then manipulated into what you would look like as an early human. I gave it a try...you can see a picture of me as a Homo Florensiensis in my gallery.

We also got a taste of what actual forensic anthropologists do at the "Written In Bone" exhibit - they had a hands-on forensic anthropology lab there. It makes what I've seen on Bones even more interesting!

We also went to the Renwick Gallery, where they had an exhibit called "The Art of Gaman" which showed examples of art done by Japanese internees during World War II. It's striking how they could do so much with so little. It was also moving, especially for me as a person with Japanese ancestry. It made me think, especially since some of those people could have been me.

We finished off our day in DC by stopping in Chinatown to have dinner. We found a place with very tasty sushi (for me) and chicken teriyaki (for C).

Tomorrow, Maryland Renn Fest!
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