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In Maryland

We're in Maryland now. There was a little trouble (forgetting the bread for lunch and having to find someplace to buy some, and getting a little lost in downtown Baltimore - luckily we still had the directions from downtown to the hotel from our trip to Otakon), but we're here now.

We had dinner at an Afghan take-out place in Glen Burnie. Very tasty, but it was SO much food. If we ever come back to this area, maybe we should split the entree; both of ours were certainly enough for two people.

While we were coming to the hotel, I saw a fellow walking along the road with a hand-lettered sign on a piece of cardboard that said, "Why lie? I need a beer." I had to smile at that, and he smiled back, so I think he might have appreciated someone getting the joke. :)

Tomorrow, we go on to Annapolis for the Renn Fest on Saturday and Sunday, though we'll probably stop in Washington DC to do some sightseeing before we check in.
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