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Ari finds a new way to get a workout

A few months ago, lostsatyr got a "manual" (for lack of a better term) treadmill - basically, the belt works via gravity pulling as you walk/run on it.

Today, after dinner, lostsatyr unfolded the treadmill for his workout in the living room. I was washing dishes in the kitchen, when I heard laughter from the living room.

When I came in, Ari was lounging on the treadmill as if he belonged there. We took a picture, and then lostsatyr tried to get Ari off by making the belt move, but our kitty-boy proceeded to climb the incline. *chuckles* I got another picture before the hubby lifted Ari off and put him on a nearby chair.

I guess Ari wanted to try out the treadmill, too. Silly kitty. :)
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