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PA Renn Faire, et al

So we went to Lancaster, PA for the PA Renn Faire this past weekend.

Part-way there on Friday, one of my teeth started to hurt. The weather was wet and I'd been stuffed up on that side for the past day or so, so I figured it was sinus-related and took a decongestant and an OTC ibuprofen.

About 3 AM Saturday morning, I woke up with a very painful toothache. Two OTC ibuprofen finally cut the pain enough that I could go back to sleep for a little while, though until they kicked in, C was wondering if we ought to try going to the ER. I was, like, "Let's see if I can call the dentist's answering service and get a prescription for antibiotics and painkillers before we do that." Besides, I figured that was about the best they'd be able to give me at the ER, anyway (confirmed by my dentist yesterday).

Luckily, my dentist was able to call in the prescription at a Rite Aid not that far from the hotel, so we were able to get my meds later that morning before we went to the Faire.

It was wet at the Faire, too, though we were OK for most of the day as we'd thought to bring cloaks. We only got rained out around 6. Prior to that, we had a good time wandering the Faire and checking out the merchants. I came home with a new Faire hat (I guess you'd call it a "Juliet cap") and some pretty scented soap. C also got me a new corset (I think the way I looked in it helped with the sale! :)).

On Sunday, we watched a number of the shows (pictures forthcoming) and followed the Queen's Court around. I got some really nice pictures at the Human Chess Match and the Final Joust.

On Monday, we schlepped our way home in the rain, with a stop at one of our favorite restaurants in Rochester for dinner. As we got closer to Buffalo, the rain got so bad that C got off the NYS Thruway at Pembroke and just took "local roads" home. We finally made it home, where we had to unload the car in the rain - not fun.

The rain also had a side effect - our basement got flooded, so now we have to wait for our water heater to dry out (so we can start it - stupid newfangled electric starter!) before we can have hot water. The dryer doesn't produce any heat, either. Oh well, at least the sump pump still worked, so we no longer have ankle-deep water in the basement....
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