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Last day of Maryland Renn Faire 2009, and homecoming

Sunday, we packed up the car, checked out of the hotel, and got to Faire in time to see the Royals arrive - yay!

We followed the Royal Agenda (basically, caught all the appearances of the royal court) that day, and I had a great time watching the day's story unfold. I got a number of good pictures of the Human Chess Match (Princess Mary versus Princess Elizabeth), and enjoyed the double entendres in the dialogue (Princess Mary's advisor: "Perhaps you should rely on the clergy." Princess Mary: "I always do." :)

We also got to see The Interpreters - a singing/comedy act. Great fun, especially for a great deal of more double-enterdre lines. *giggles* They sang quite nicely, too.

We saw "The Tudor Top Five" (top five diseases, that is). The midwife and simplest (i.e., dispenser of herbal medicines - or "simples," hence the name) of the village gave a presentation about the top five diseases of Tudor times and how they were treated. lostsatyr got picked to be the plague victim. :)

I *did* pick up another lightweight Faire skirt, as well as a tunic like lostsatyr's. They weren't cheap, but since I reasoned that I'd probably pay about as much in a regular, mundane clothing store for similar stuff (or for fabric, etc., if I decided to make it myself), it works out. Besides, this way I will have clean garb for both days at Maryland Faire, and need not fear heat exhaustion or having to find a place to do laundry wherever we happen to be staying during our visit to the Faire.

That evening, we returned to bonusparts's and S's, where we gave them our "host gifts" - some pretty potholders I found, and some pirate-themed mugs. They were very well-received - S even had tea in one of the mugs that evening! We also got some catnip for bonusparts's kitties. After last year, bonusparts made certain to put the kitties' present away right away - apparently a good idea, as they started playing with the paper from the bag I'd put it in for the trip back! :)

Monday morning, we bid goodbye to bonusparts and S, packed up the car, and headed back to Buffalo. We made good time, so lostsatyr and I got to stop and browse the Borders in Rochester before we had dinner at our favorite Indian restaurant in Henrietta and then wended our way home, where the kitties were very glad to see us. :)
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