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We're here!

We are in Maryland now, and will head for the Faire tomorrow.

Since we got in to MD much too early to check into the hotel, we drove to New Carrollton and took the Metrorail into Washington D.C. We had lunch in Chinatown, then went to the Smithsonian to visit the Museum of the American Indian and the National Air and Space Museum. Both of them were very interesting, and lostsatyr got some cool pictures.

By the time we got done with the museums, we were more than ready to have supper, so we took the Metro back to New Carrollton and then drove to Annapolis to check into the hotel and have supper at California Tortilla. The counterperson at the restaurant was very nice.

Tomorrow, it's off to Maryland Renn Faire!
Tags: maryland renn faire, renaissance festivals, renn faire, vacation

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