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Wherein we have a wonderful weekend

I had a great weekend.

On Saturday, lostsatyr and I spent the day at the Sterling Renaissance Festival with im_a_woman, tarbis, and ambrose_rinaldo.

I had a lovely time - we saw a neat show (Johnny Fox, the sword swallower), looked at many pretty and interesting things (some of which came home with us), and ate some very good food. I also got to wear the leather corset I got at I-Con, and discovered that it looks very nice with my Faire outfit. :)

I found a new bag for my netbook - it's green, with a design of one of the medieval Unicorn Tapestries on the front flap. It has enough room for the netbook plus all its accessories, and it looks so pretty.

I also got some rose-scented soap (handmade!) and body lotion. It smelled so lovely that I couldn't resist.

I got to make something pretty, too - there was a booth where you could hammer designs into thin sheets of copper or aluminum with a rubber mallet. I had fun making mine - it's a unicorn on the left, and a design of oak leaves and acorns on the right.

The day was even more fun because we got to spend it with friends - I only wish we'd all been able to travel together, because it wasn't quite as much fun having just lostsatyr to talk to on the way there and back. Don't get me wrong - he's great, but I don't get the chance to talk to im_a_woman as much anymore, and I miss that. Maybe next time we can get together and think about all pitching in to rent something bigger for the day...:)

On Sunday, lostsatyr and I went out to see Star Trek at the second-run theatre. It was actually pretty entertaining - I enjoyed it. The day was topped off by going out to the buffet at Moti Mahal (always a winner with us).

What a wonderful weekend - I only wish it could have lasted a little longer.


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Aug. 10th, 2009 04:44 pm (UTC)
there was a booth where you could hammer designs into thin sheets of copper or aluminum with a rubber mallet.

What a neat idea! I'm hoping to make it to our Renaissance Fest this year. I'll have to look and see if they have a booth like this.
Aug. 10th, 2009 11:01 pm (UTC)
It was fun - I got to play with the mallets, and had something pretty to show for it when I was done.

When I first saw the booth and told lostsatyr, "I want to do that!" he told the others, "She wants to go play with the metal and the rubber mallets." :)
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