August 29th, 2009

Henry VIII's wives

Maryland Renn Faire, Day 1

We didn't get to the Faire early enough to see the Royal Arrival (poop) but we did get to see Shakespeare's Skum (always a delight) doing "Leave It To Hamlet" (Hamlet crossed with a certain 1950s sitcom) and a really nice performance of Don Quixote, Book 1.

We also did quite a bit of browsing the various merchants at the Faire. I now have a leather cel phone carrier like lostsatyr's (only mine has a unicorn instead of a wolf); another shoulder puppet (a sitting faerie cat with magnets in its feet so it can ride on the metal strip I put on my shoulder); a leather mug with ravens (to replace the unicorn one I lost today *pouts*); some honey and a book on mead-making from The Bee Folks; and some lighter-weight Faire garb after I nearly suffocated from the heat & humidity in my "normal" Faire clothes (which were designed more for cooler climes; this was also the first year we've done Maryland Faire this early in the season). There are also a number of things I'm thinking of going back and getting tomorrow (like the forest green lightweight Faire skirt I saw at the same place I picked up the aforementioned lighter-weight garb).

I took a number of nice pictures of the performance of Don Quixote - the actors were very good and did a wonderful job.

Tomorrow, I want to get there early enough to be able to follow the royal court around - especially since both Princess Mary Tudor and Princess Elizabeth are putting in an appearance. I think this is the first time since lostsatyr and I started coming to the Faire that we've seen Princess Elizabeth make an appearance....