September 1st, 2007


Vacation 2007, Day 2

First day at the Renn Faire!

We got there about lunchtime, and mostly wandered around looking at a number of the merchants. I was tempted by a number of things, but ended up with a unicorn shoulder puppet (the woman running the booth recognized me and asked if I was adding to my collection of unicorns) and some mink tails for our kitties. As lostsatyr put it, they should like them because "[they] smell like rodent!" (said in the cutesy voice he uses when he's imitating what the fuzzballs might say).

Finally figured out how to lace up my green brocade bodice for the desired effect, though it made getting the bodice puppet in rather interesting - lostsatyr told me, "If you get that puppet in there, I'll be impressed!" =) I did accomplish the feat, though not without a little unlacing.

We got to see "Shakespeare's Skum" doing "Richard III - Just Misunderstood" (the Skum parodying Richard III). It was very, very funny - then again, the Skum always are. =)

I want to try and follow the Royal appearances either tomorrow or the next day; it's always interesting to me to see what the King and the rest of his party do every year.

I should probably let lostsatyr have his computer back - my laptop doesn't like the wireless card we have, so his is the only computer that can use the 'net connection here at the hotel.

Some other thoughts - steak on a stake is yummy! And the iced herbal tea they have at one of the booths is pretty good, too.