May 22nd, 2007

Saki - Friends are Flowers

On my natal day

A great big thank you and some big hugs to everyone who wished me a happy birthday.

I had a pretty good time - my aunt and uncle were visiting from NC, so I got to have lunch with them and catch up on what's going on. It was very nice to see them again, if only for a few hours.

After work, lostsatyr and ambrose_rinaldo picked me up, and we all went to Anderson's for beef on weck and ice cream. Culinary happiness!

The actual celebration is this weekend; I'm very excited!

'Nother laptop update

So, the new laptop got taken to the UPS store for shipping back to USA Notebook in FL so it can be fixed. Fortunately, it's still under warranty, so we only had to pay for shipping.

The gentleman from USA Notebook that I talked to this morning said it may be that the Ethernet card needs to be replaced. Let's hope it works. *crosses fingers*

The lady at the UPS store said it should arrive on Tuesday; the web site says they try to resolve warranty stuff within 72 hours after receiving the laptop.

By my estimation, I should get it back (repaired) sometime around two weeks from Friday if all goes well.

*wishes very hard that all will go well*