July 6th, 2006

Priss - Fun fun fun

Convention, whee!

I'll be off to TT 20 tomorrow morning!

Today, I packed up a bunch of stuff - willowriversong's copy of the Serenity RPG; ramius_rathorne's Firefly box set; our copy of Serenity (the film); my Futurama DVD that has the episode George Takei appeared in; and our copy of The Magic Box for the Buffy the Vampire Slayer RPG - to get autographed at the con.

I'm contemplating getting our copy of "Once More With Feeling" autographed by Amber Benson, too. It'd go nicely with Anthony Stewart Head's signature on the same CD insert. :)

I'm so excited - I'm going to get to see Jewel Staite, George Takei, and Amber Benson! W00t!