September 5th, 2005


Maryland Renn Faire, Day 3

We started out the day catching the Royal Arrival, then caught the Pirates Royale (music and comedy).

We caught the Human Chess Match again this year - the actor who plays the evil sherriff of Revel Grove is always a hoot. 'Tis fun to watch the combat, too. Flaming pikes and fencing battles, whee!

Also watched a play, The Lazy Valet - 'twas very funny. We also saw Wolgemut, a band I'd been hearing in bits and pieces all weekend, but finally got to see (a melange of traditional and modern tunes).

We got several nice pictures of various folk at the faire, and picked up some nice souveneirs as well.

Oh! We also saw William Teller, the Storyteller, and picked up some tapes of his work for the nephew and ourselves.

lostsatyr picked up some more beeswax soap to replace the ones he lost on Saturday, and we also got some yummy honey - buckwheat and killer bee flavors. Yum!

Also got some delicious honey cashews for the drive home.

The only thing about this is there's no more Faire tomorrow - sort of sad to wait a whole 'nother year.