September 3rd, 2005


Renn Faire, Day 1

We saw some stage shows - "Mary's Story," about Princess Mary Tudor, "The Stupina Show," which deals with a poor clueless individual learning how to become a girly girl (funny for the scenes with the hoop skirt), and "Shakespeare's Skum - Macbeth in 20 Minutes or Less!" (pretty self-explanatory; the Skum are hilarious).

We also found a number of things to take home with us. I got a unicorn bodice puppet, a pair of satyr horns, and some beeswax hand cream (with the "Eastern Spice" scent I adore), some honey sticks, and some honey candy to take home to my mother (by request). lostsatyr picked up some beeswax soap (which he later misplaced and lost - *sigh*) and a boken.

Also caught some tail ends of shows (must try and see the whole things tomorrow or Monday) and got a few pics of the royals - one very good one at the Children's Knighting Ceremony. The actor who plays King Henry VIII is very, very good - if anyone goes to the Faire here in Maryland, make sure to catch at least one show featuring His Majesty.

More to come over the next two days....