May 22nd, 2005


Birthday reflections

(x-posted from my thegamemistress LJ)

So, I had a good birthday this year.

Yesterday, lostsatyr and I went shopping - I treated myself to a couple of DVDs (the box set of Key: The Metal Idol and Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars) and new books (Phoenix and Ashes, the new Elemental Masters book by Mercedes Lackey, and a new Kij Johnson novel), and then we went up to Fort Erie for Japanese. Sushi for dinner and ginger ice cream for dessert - omygodsoveryverygood.

Then home to open the gifts from bonusparts - the Sailor Moon Super S DVD box set and The World of The Dark Crystal, a gorgeous coffee-table book about the film of the same name. I also received the Saint Seiya Gold Collection from lostsatyr - 5 CDs of music from one of my fave anime series!

Today we went to my parents' for the birthday party with them. Sour meat, potato dumplings, steamed asparagus, salad, and ice cream cake for dessert. Mmmm!

The parental units gave me a number of the DVDs I've been wanting - Blade: Trinity, The Incredibles, A.D. Police Files (squeee!), and the Return of the King Extended Edition. There was also a massager and some hosiery.

All in all, a good birthday. I'm still coming down from the mellowness engendered by my birthday dinner....